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  1. Dear Traveler Namaste

Welcome to Go for Himalaya – “The never ending exploration in to the Himalayas” Our team Provides Nepalese Cultural excursions, world heritage Sightseeing, Trekking, tours, Climbing, and Volunteer work in Nepal. Our guides are licensed and trained professionals who will ensure that your wants meet your expectations. We offer all kinds of packages to suit the fitness level of Everyone. You can also create your own custom itinerary as per your needs and wants so you can dream and design your journey amongst the most breathtaking mountains on the planet with one of our specially customized holiday packages.

Join Go for Himalaya and discover the magic of Nepal’s mountains and other breathtaking destinations. Your adventure awaits – are you ready to explore? Contact us with your requirements and we will have the pleasure of sending you an ideal itinerary with costs. Do send us an E-Mail- info@goforhimalaya.com , if you wish to spend your travel holidays trekking in Nepal. Come join us today for a great adventure holiday with us!